XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

The XBRL-CET Working group is a collaboration of various individuals, along with public and private entities, that seek to coordinate and synergize through Outreach, Education, Zero Cost Proposals, the AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico, and Working Group Meetings to influence multiple ongoing data standards activities towards common objectives and mutual strategies to avoid duplicative efforts where possible, and to promote open standards.

The 2017 spring semester STEM Educational Program at California State University Chico will demonstrate how existing data standards can be utilized through prototype shareware applications that are freely available on the Salesforce App Exchange.

These free Salesforce apps will act as a catalyst to promote data interoperability awareness and adoption, and the development of commercial and proprietary applications where the barrier of initial investment risk is eliminated and the benefit of compatibility guaranteed.

The initial Salesforce applications will administer two data sets

  • Updated Chico Common App as an XBRL/FIBO Company Profile
  • The Orange Button data set for Solar System information and performance


  • Bring attention and awareness to existing data standards like ICE, XBRL and FIBO to encourage consensus and adoption through engagement and the removal of barriers.
  • Establish a baseline of multi-industry data interoperability to validate proof of concept.
  • Provide information to public and private entities on how to implement a transition to digital reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Improve access to surety credit for activities related to clean energy.
  • Improve access to surety credit for small and diverse businesses.
  • Improve risk management capabilities by enabling data analytics
  • Provide a meaningful educational opportunity for students interested in STEM.

The underlying premise is that data interoperability is the objective of multiple efforts, whose individual success would be better achieved with awareness of, and collaboration with, other related activity, with particular attention to avoiding a silo approach within specialized industry efforts relating to Construction of Energy and Transportation projects


Working Group

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