XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

Old Chico Common App

Screen shots are below.

Log in as username “sample” and password “sample”

Go through the various tabs along the top to see what data the application manages.

On the top left rotate through the choices for what data set, and form print out, you want. 

     Universal App has all the data fields.

     The other forms reduce the data fields to just what the form requires, and the export is limited to just those fields.

Top right also has filters for the level of information, Basic, Short and Long.

Go to the “Submit” Tab – Far right along the top
      Upper Left – View Completed Questionnaire
          That is the data ready for printing – Standard Questionnaire

      Middle left – Export an XML Format
          Creates an XML file that can be sent as an attachment.

     Lower left - XML Cross Reference
          The imbedded cross referenced spreadsheet.

     Lower left of imbedded spreadsheet
          Export the imbedded spreadsheet to excel

The cross referenced spreadsheet in excel designed to identify the data fields and propose XBRL tags for inclusion in the formal taxonomy.


The CHICO Common App is an application for contractors to manage their company profile for submitting to surety brokers, surety companies, banks and general contractors as part of the prequalification process. 

The application can import data and export data to business partners.

The application was originally an ASP application, and is now being converted to a Salesfroce App

AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico

IoT - Data Interoperability for Solar Bankability
Educational STEM Program at CSU Chico

CHICO Common App