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Email Coversheet to SunShot Program

From: Wright, Dixon
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2015 2:51 PM
To: 'solardata@ee.doe.gov'
Subject: XBRL-CET Response to DOE SunShot RFP - Solar Big Data and Infomatics

SunShot Team,

Attached is the XBRL-CET response to the Solar Data and Informatics RFP, with attachments related to the response to FOA 0001167 for additional background and context.

While this is way too much information and material for a formal FOA response, you indicated that you are asking for as much information as possible to digest and consider as you develop the upcoming FOA.  As they say, be careful what you ask for.

As we discussed during the sessions in Berkeley, and in our subsequent communications, the XBRL-CET working group is an informal collaboration that seeks to encourage adoption of XBRL through outreach, education and examples. 

XBRL-CET does not necessarily seek funding from the upcoming FOA, but does seek to influence an overall strategy as to where funding could go, and entities that should be supported, for maximum benefit to all stakeholders.

One the major challenges to any standard is its universal adoption and implementation, and with so many options and different groups advocating for their favored data standard the lack of clarity for what one standard will emerge as universally adopted keeps most stakeholders understandably from making a commitment, and keeps data standards fragmented and ineffective without interoperability.

The challenge is compounded when data standards are considered in a silo, reduced to serving just one industry or niche. 

Breaking that uncertainty, and removing the silo approach, is behind our response.

Should the DOE validate through the FOA process that XBRL is the best option for financial reporting it will have significant impact towards the clarity that will warrant adoption across multiple industries, resolve the silo constraint, and promote interoperability.

We look forward to discussing with your team on April 24th how the XBRL-CET working group can provide resources and expertise to the SunShot FOA effort, and be of value to the respondents. 

During that meeting we will explore Solar Data and Informatics in a way that unlocks the power and potential of interoperability, demonstrates how it can improve the interconnection process for building the Smart Grid, and hopefully provides your team with great ideas and a strategy to pursue as you develop the FOA.

If we do succeed, and utilities, regulatory agencies, contractors, developers, insurance companies, banks and sureties can all utilize what the respondents come up with, it will be the cat herd around the world.

K. Dixon Wright
Chief Cat Herder

Sunshot iniative

Solar Data and Informatics

SunShot Initiative

Department of Energy

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

The SunShot Initiative drives research, manufacturing, and market solutions to make the abundant solar energy resources in the United States more affordable and accessible for Americans.

Solicitation Title:  Request for Information for Solar Data & Informatics

Funding Number:    DE-FOA-0001318


The U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative requests feedback from industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, and other stakeholders on issues related to data solutions for the deployment of solar energy.  SunShot intends to learn more on issues related to technical, economic, administrative, and legal barriers limiting the efficient collection and exchange of solar datasets; specifically, information on practical, industry-driven, financially enduring, and self-sustaining strategies that treat big data as strategic assets for the U.S. solar industry.