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Case Study

What is the status of getting IECRE 61724 implemented

Who is piloting projects to "Road Test" IECRE 61724

Solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices

Note on IECRE 61724

IEC RE and IEC 61724 are separate specifications from IEC. 

The IEC RE certification process incorporates the data set from IEC 61724, but it also includes a whole process of verification of a project against a list of other specifications, codes, rules, etc. 

The data from IEC 61724 may be some of the most significant data on a IEC RE certificate, but it becomes even stronger in association with the rest of the certificate data.


XBRL-CET / SGIP - Building the Taxonomy

Solar Bankability -

  The External Impact of Risk Management

     K. Dixon Wright

The Political Landscape of Solar Bankability

     Doug Fant

What is IECRE 61724

   Matthias Heinze

   Joe Cunnigham

What is IECRE 61xxx - Operational

     Dr. John Balfour

Case Study

Q&A - Panel Discussion


Risk Management is more than just internal policies and procedures for a binder on a shelf; it is an integral part of maintaining an assets financial viability both internally, and more importantly externally. 

While internal benefits are obvious, the external benefits can significantly impact the cost of capital, and attract investors with superior risk management as an “underwriting asset”.  Conversely a weak or unsubstantiated risk management approach translates to higher financing costs, higher insurance premiums and undermine the financial viability of projects that keep investors away.

Quantified and interoperable data can make solar more bankable by aligning the internal needs for information with the external appetite for information, and how that real time data impacts financial markets and their ability to mitigate risk associated with managing a portfolio of projects.

When defaults can be proactively managed as part of a predictable and reliable risk management structure, the financial markets can be more flexible in their terms, but more importantly can be part of the “risk management asset” that benefits all stakeholders.

When financial markets can better mitigate risk of default the cost of capital goes down, and solar bankability goes up.

When solar bankability is improved, more solar projects get built, and utilities can meet their renewable portfolio objectives.

This panel will discuss two specific case studies on how the IECRE 61724 system performance data set can provide a substantiated risk management approach, which impacts solar bankability.

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