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International Electrotechnical Commission Renewable Energy (IECRE)
Working Group 404
PV Project Certificate
Data Set for Solar Asset Performance Metric – Bankability

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Matthias R. Heinze
Convenor IECRE Working Group 404
TUV Rheinland Group

Joseph Cunningham
Director of Operations
Sunny Energy, Tempe, Arizona


John R. Balfour, BS, MEP, Ph.D.
President, CTO and PV Cosmologist

High Performance PV


K. Dixon Wright

Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.


IECRE - Renewable Energy: IEC system for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in renewable energy applications data set for Solar Asset Performance Metrics - Bankability

IECRE brings the unequivocal success of international harmonization of photovoltaic standards which provides quality assessment of PV Power Plants.

Whereas the IEC standards have defined the technical requirements for modules, systems, and balance of systems, the IECRE is defining how to apply these technical standards to best serve the needs of the user and financial stakeholder community.

Whereas the current status quo ... system of oversight ... is individual and highly segmented, IECRE is developing the framework of application of standards to provide comprehensive oversight of PV plants. One aspect of that oversight is documenting operation and performance of PV plants in a consistent way. The result is performance data that are unified, formatted precisely, compatible, interoperable and actionable.

Certification, and the data collection spans the entire lifecycle of the project, including site, design, equipment, installation, commissioning, annual performance documentation including O&M, system transfer, financing events and end-of-life.  Consistent PV system performance metrics, based on collection, monitoring and reporting standards defined in IEC 61724, are a major component of the commissioning and annual performance certificates.  These performance metrics, and the corresponding PV system data which are inherent in IECRE certification, will enhance confidence in the financial analysis of PV system investments by those stakeholders who need to rely on it the most – owners, financiers and insurers.”

The IEC RE brings the unequivocal success of international harmonization of device standards to the PV system realm – PV Power Plants.

IECRE 61724 Solar System Administration and Monitoring Data Set

​2018 02-03 IECRE 61724 Working Group -OD407 - Solar System Performance - Data Exchange Pilot

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electrotechnology. 

IECRE - IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications.