​Joseph Cunningham
Director of Operations
Sunny Energy, Tempe, Arizona

Joseph “Joe” Cunningham’s role at Sunny Energy is to position the company as a PV system

developer providing the best PV system owner experience possible.  A concentrated effort on utilizing

the latest PV system standards and industry best practices has been incorporated into operational

processes and procedures to help provide the highest possible value an owner may achieve over the 30 plus years that they may use their system.  These operational efficiencies, processes and procedures are constantly updated with a feedback loop for improvement.

Prior to Sunny Energy, Joe was at Centrosolar as Director of Operations for five years.  He managed operations for North American markets, overseeing Logistics, System Design, Sourcing and Purchasing, Private Label Manufacturing and Outsourcing, Order Fulfillment, a nationwide technical services network and Online Systems. 

Prior to Centrosolar, Joe spent three years in the PV integration business.  He managed, at various times, Operations, Business Development, Maintenance Programs, Sales and Marketing. 

Joe is active in The SunSpec Alliance as Chairman of the Asset Lifecycle Performance Standards Committee. He has co-authored two white papers on PV System Performance Metrics and PV System Commissioning for Performance Guidelines. 

Along with SunSpec, Joe works closely with standards working group members from IEC, NREL, Sandia Labs and others.  Through this work he is intimately knowledgeable on the value of PV system standards, such as IEC 61724 and IEC RE – PV System Certification. 

Prior to joining the PV industry, Mr. Cunningham enjoyed over twenty years of entrepreneurial business experience in wireless telecommunications and cable TV.  He has held the positions of President, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, and Business Development with various companies.  He helped develop advanced wireless technology and services, as well as industry standards, government regulations, hardware and software to increase wireless spectrum use efficiencies and performance. He was instrumental in forming and managing a nationwide organization of operators and manufacturers to address equipment reliability and warranty issues.  He has been recognized by the Wireless Communications Association International as a Wireless Pioneer and for outstanding contributions throughout his career.

Joe has a Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering from Cornell University.  He lives with his wife, Resa, in Carefree, Arizona and enjoys riding a bicycle on a competitive level.

Joe Cunnigham

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