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John R. Balfour, BS, MEP, Ph.D.
President, CTO and PV Cosmologist

High Performance PV
An Energy Doctor LLC Company (since 1977)

ASU    Political Science BS 1977
ASU    Master of Science MS, Architecture, Environmental Planning (MEP) 1982 (Solar Program)
AWU  Management, PhD 1993

9436 North Arroya Vista Drive East

Phoenix, Arizona 85028

18450 W Model Creek Road

Kirkland Arizona 86332



Professional Specialties and Experience
Dr. Balfour brings over 4 decades experience in organizing, training and managing large and small multi-discipline working groups in PV, energy planning, R&D, transportation, technology transfer, industry consensus building, education and development

His work has been with a broad range of technology and process developers, VC companies, financiers and insurance organizations, universities, international laboratories, standards agencies, volunteer mentoring groups

He has been active as a PV technology and System provider, integrator in EPC and O&M

He has over 38 years experience in the technical areas of energy (PV & solar thermal), transportation (maglev, rail, buss and paratransit), advanced tech transfer and applications, product and project research, market and risk relevance, reduction, analysis and solutions
As an author he has published 6 PV text and two other books, hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, white papers including work with Sandia National Laboratories and SEPA

His primary focus is on:

PV product and system Performance, Reliability and Optimization (PRO) analysis, o Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM) and PV System Relationship Mapping o PV System Design & Application Theory (PV SDAT), a PV systems engineering process for PV system delivery development

Implementation of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) strategies, models and processes for the PV industry

Dramatically improving the availability and quality of PV industry education, training and experience development in the USA and internationally

For decades, Dr. Balfour has worked closely with PV stakeholders including system owners, asset managers, O&M professionals, architectural and engineering professionals, EPCs, PV system integrators, manufacturers, system financiers and insurers, bonding companies, legal firms, VCs, electrical and water utilities among others to advance the art and science of PV and its applications.

The vast majority of his work it is based on thousands of conversations, hundreds of industry meetings, and many dozens of conference and other professional Industry presentations.

He and his colleagues are actively working towards the development and implementation of the industry wide application of to Industry rating systems:
     Module Risk Priority Number (RPN) and

    Plant Rating Systems (PRS) to determine the true condition and asset value of PV electrical energy generating plants

He is presently working with Sandia National Laboratories to co-facilitate development of new PV standards, on plant availability and maintenance definitions. Participates in several IEC & ASTM PV standards working groups regarding development of new O&M practices, policy and IR and Electroluminescent sensing standards, and the Maintenance and Plant Availability Standards.

He is a board member of, and worked as a volunteer mentor since 2001 to the Arizona State University Professional Science Major (PSM) (the Graduate PV Commercialization program)

Professional Experience

2015 – present,  Co-Founder, Energy Analytic Solutions (EAS)

2010 – present,  Pres. and CTO, High Performance PV, Phoenix, AZ (an Energy Doctor Company)

1998 – 2010,  President, Founder and CTO, PerfectPower Inc., Phoenix AZ

1977 – present,  Industry and Educational Consultant; The Energy Doctor LLC, Phoenix, Arizona

John Balfour

Recent Publications

The Art and Science of Photovoltaics, 6 textbook series published by Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2013

Solar PV O&M Standards and Best Practices – Existing Gaps and Improvement Efforts, SAND2014-19432, Sandia, (2014, November). “Solar PV O&M Standards and Best Practices – Existing Gaps and Improvement Efforts”.


Precursor Report of Data Needs and Recommended Practices for PV Plant Availability, Operations and Maintenance Reporting”, SAND2015-0587 a first generation paper on PV Industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Handbook Of Clean Energy Systems, V1 “Photovoltaics: Building-Integrated Photovoltaic”, Ch. 20, Wiley Pub. 2015

Resource Guide: Utility Solar Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance, SEPA MEMBER REPORT, 2016

At this time he is completing two Sandia papers:

1. A Systems Analysis Approach for Mapping PV Lifecycle Management, and asset management and O&M set of tools to track all phases of PV system delivery, from concept to sight restoration, while providing the ability to track anomaly, fault and failure causes and effects including their relationships between choices and decisions made and their impact on PV system health and condition.

2. A paper on Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM), a comprehensive tool for the reduction of PV system delivery cost and risk reduction through the effective application of a PV systems engineering process.