What is the DATA Act, and what will be required of public agencies by 2017
     Helping public agencies understand the DATA Act and its requirements.

Helping Small Business by Complying With the Data Act
     Helping public agencies comply with the DATA Act in ways that help small business.

Connectivity and the Potential of Data Interoperability

     How connectivity is pre-requisite for efficiency and productivity.

The Power of the Common App

     How a standardized company profile data set can streamline connectivity between people, companies and stakeholders for:

  • Pre-qualification to General Contractors
  • Pre-qualification to Owners
  • Application for bank credit
  • Application for surety credit
  • Application for vendor credit

Cybersecurity and Data Exchange

     What the government and private enterpriuse is doing to provide secure data exchange.

     How entities can protect their systems from cyber risk.

There is a major data reporting compliance effort by government at all levels, corresponding innovation in the private sector towards greater efficiency and transparency empowered by exchanging data, and emerging predictive analytics enabled by data interoperability.

Problem is that innovation is often driven by those specific compliance requirements, or similar narrowly defined and focused initiatives, have the “Unintended Consequence” of being a “silo” solution that while responsive to an immediate internal need, misses long term opportunities that would significantly add value lost because of the silo approach.  A focus on the “Tree” and not the “Forrest” can have negative Unintended Consequences.

Instead of having compliance drive Unintended Consequences, we are advocating for non-silo “tree” approaches to data management and reporting by outreach and awareness of the “Forest” that can offer Intended Benefits to those that look at the broader picture.

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan 25 (SGIP PAP25) is to prevent the “Unintended Consequence” of compliance to the Energy Independence Act, DATA Act, Basel 239 and other legislative mandates, or targeted R&D grants, from creating a series of overlapping data exchange silos that add considerably to the complexity of multi-industry information aggregation and sharing, thereby denying or constraining the potential benefit of true data interoperability and curtailing the catalyst for innovation.

Connectivity is the objective.

Leading by Example
     Demonstrations of a pilot projects
          Helping Veteran owned enterprises secure opportunities in the solar industry.

XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

Digital Connectivity

Turning the Burden of Compliance into the Benefit of Opportunity

Proposed Agenda

How the Data Act enabled project monitoring, the common App and XBRL Work on Hand Report work togheter to improve access to surety credit for companies seeking opportunities in the construction of transporation projects.

The CHICO Common App

How a simple company profile can be incorporated by a wide range of entities using shareware, or using a company profile app hosted by others, as a cost effective way to start.,

How to get a copy of the CHICO COmon App shareware from GitHub 

How the Data Act enabled project monitoring, the common App and XBRL Work on Hand Report work togheter to improve access to surety credit for veterans seeking opportunities in the solar industry.