XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

Small Business and Big Energy

Reprise of SGIP PAP25

On December 8th there is a PAP25 session at the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel winter meeting in Portland to coordinate how
data standards can evolve for more efficient management of building the nation’s energy infrastructure utilizing interoperability enabled by open standards.  While this session will concentrate on utility scale development the ramifications of the project will impact a wide range of stakeholders, from small business to big energy.


Our group will reprise the presentation in San Francisco on December 10th for how the XBRL-CET project can create value, and to develop a grant proposal for fostering open standards to the Department of Energy being submitted December 19th.


Our Group

K. Dixon Wright, Surety, Wells Fargo

Jonathan Previtali, Environmental Finance, Wells Fargo

Matthew Cox, Wells Fargo Project Risk

Michelle Savage, VP XBRL US

Fuad Rahman, Apurba Technologies

Steve Burnett, GALLINA 

John Nunneley, SGIP Board Member

Duane Gabor, Alliances and Business Development, Intuit

Greg Zegarowski, URS/AECOM

Mr. Michael Palmquist, Solar Nexus, (IEP XML)


9:30        10:00    



10:00     11:00    

PAP25 Session reprise

       Link to session abstract


Call In: 

   Mr. Christopher G. Irwin

   US Department of Energy

   DOE Lead Federal Green Button Team

   Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

   David Wollman

   Deputy Director

   Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office

   National Institute of Standards and Technology

Energy Related Standards Efforts - BEDES and IEP XML


Working Session with Energy Clients

Intuit, SolarNexus, Apurba Technologies


11:00     11:30     

How Intuit customers, or CPA's will be able to export a PDF with embedded XBRL/IEP XML (BEDES) file that business partners can import for underwriting.

     Website with prototype taxonomy, financial statement and IEP XML

     Sample PDF with embedded XBRL file

11:30     12:00        

Performance Measurement for utilities and large capital contracts managing contractor default risk using XBRL and BEDES.


12:00     12:30    

Lunch served in conference room


12:30     1:00       

Energy Related Data Standards -BEDES 

SolarNexus IEP/XML


1:00        2:00       

DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement - DE-FOA-0001167

Buildings University Innovators And Leaders Development (BUILD) - 2015 


Working Group meeting for submission to DOE grant proposal.


2:00        2:30

Helping Small Business

XBRL, Intuit

How small business customers with Intuit products will be able to export a data file that business partners can import and for uploading to surety B2B systems underwriting small and transactional bonds.

The role of the XBRL Taxonomy

Initial prototype is the XBRL data set for Work on Hand Report with FASB guidance.

Call In:

   Louis Matherne

   Chief of Taxonomy Development



2:30        3:00       

Public Entities – Contractors on Large Public Works Contracts - Compliance with the DATA Act 

XBRL, Apurba Technologies

The DATA Act requires that by 2017 public entities receiving federal funding will be required to report expenditures in an open standard like XBRL.


The focus will be on how business partners can help its public entity clients comply with the DATA Act and utilize XBRL for:

    Helping small business

    Performance measurement

    Contractor Default Risk


3:00        4:00       

Open Session and Wrap up