XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

Helping Public Agencies and Private Stakeholders

Throughout the Supply Chain 

Comply with the DATA Act

with Engagement and Collaboration

​to Promote Open Standards and Innovation

Agenda and Talking Points

Introductions and Overview

What is the best way to reflect the XBRL-CET and DOE FOA taxonomy collaboration for submission of proposed data sets and associated data fields, on the DATA Act GitHub site?

Coordinating the DATA Act and the DOE FOA to foster universally adopted data standards and data sets for multi-industry segment interoperability.

Replicating the Green Button effort by DOE to create a universally adopted and implemented data sets for energy usage through collaboration and consensus.

Background on BEDES and the process of identifying and “knitting together” various building related data standards for the DOE.

Synergizing XBRL for financial reporting with IEP XML (solar industry), agcXML (Construction), AcordXML (Insurance) for interoperability.

Executive Order - The impact on public agencies that receive federal funding and having to comply with the DATA Act.

Applicably of the XBRL-CET project and the DOE FOA to all public and private construction activity as a demonstration of how all levels of the supply chain can utilize a synergized XBRL:

     Caltrans and the Lammers Road Interchange

     Utility Scale Solar Project

     Small rooftop Distributed Power project

     General construction of a private Condo project and a public works project

        at San Francisco International Airport

XBRL-CET Working Group Meeting

US Department of Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

JUNE 11, 2014

2:00 - 3:00

By Invitation Only

Call In Information Provided on request