XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

NREL Photovoltaic Module Reliability Workshop

Jon Previtali
Wells Fargo Principal Investments
VP Environmental Finance

K. Dixon Wright
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc. 

Potential Methods to Streamline Data Communications in the Solar Power Industry and Benefits

Wells Fargo has financed over 300 DG and utility scale solar power projects since 2007. 

It’s portfolio sums to over 350 MW. 

The bank also provides substantial surety bonds to support construction of solar power projects. 

The bank has experienced  business continuity issues due to obstacles to data processing needed to monitor construction progress, ongoing financial performance, energy production and operations.  It also has seen issues stemming from the lack of reliability of QMS (quality management systems) data from module manufacturers through it’s factory audit procedures. 

This poster will highlight examples of how streamlining data communication within the solar power industry using standard, open source data communication languages such as XBRL and IEP XML would facilitate the bonding, project finance, asset management and project acquisition and sales of solar power projects and discuss efforts underway to achieve a harmonization of data communication.

February 23, 2016

Denver West Sheraton

360 Union Boulevard

Lakewood, Colorado 80228