XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

This was submitted as part of the Department of Enegy Data by Design Contest

Contractors Harnessed Information Collection Objective (CHICO)


Surety Resource Connection is designed for universities to promote an educational opportunity for students interested in the business of construction. The project has some simple underlying principles

Data that is used in business decisions, such as project information, is becoming more prevalent on the internet. 

The ability to provide, process and harness that data using commonly adopted open standards would result in more cost efficient systems evolving as open competition prevents monopolistic and proprietary systems from emerging.

While there is broad consensus that a common system needs to be developed, there is not a commonly adopted open standard, or process, currently in place. The private sector, by its nature, is not conducive to developing applications or processes that provide wide unrestricted use. The public sector is.

Students that are given the hands on opportunity to work with the processing and movement of data will be learning essential skills for any number of future applications and/or employers.

Employers, public and private, will need graduates with an understanding of how data is moved along the internet.

With the underlying objective to coordinate a wide range of participants the students will have contact and interaction with a number of public and private enterprises, each a potential internship or employment opportunity.

Surety REsource connection