XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

Project on hold, so no impact to move it to a pilot project, and no timeline to meet.

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City of Tracy Business Parks

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How it would work 

The proposed pilot for Lammers Road is straightforward and simple. 

  • Caltrans and the City of Tracy secure federal funding for the “shovel ready” Lammers Road Interchange.
  • Caltrans awards the Lammers Road Interchange to a contractor with the understanding that the project will be a pilot for compliance with the DATA Act.
  • The contractor submits traditional progress payments, but also includes an XBRL version.
  • Caltrans works towards being able to import the XBRL file, and then exports the data to the USDOT for compliance with the DATA Act.
  • All stakeholders work though the issues so that all levels of the supply chain exchange data using XBRL.
  • What is learned in the exercise can be applied to future projects.

Benefit Statement

  • Advances the positive attributes of the DATA Act with specific examples of implementation.
  • Improves access to surety credit for small and emerging companies.
  • Proof open standards stimulates and enables innovation with new products and services.
  • Provides a platform for federal  interagency coordination on DATA Act compliance by DOE, DOT and Treasury with state agency coordination by Caltrans and the City of Tracy.
  • Leverages the DOE FOA for SB-Data.
  • The XBRL-CET working group is advocating for industry solutions that promote competition, not proprietary products or seeking endorsements or exclusivity.  

Federally approved.  Lammers Road is already approved and already received initial federal funding.

Caltrans approved

Approved as one of the projects considered for the San Joaquin Council of Government’s One Voice trip to Washington D.C.

City of Tracy approved. - 2015 Project Fact Sheet

Lammers Road Interchange as  Pilot Project for the DATA Act 

The Lammers Road Interchange could act as a pilot project for demonstrating XBRL throughout the supply chain by having the City of Tracy and Caltrans be a model for other agencies for how to comply with the DATA Act, and demonstrate the Performance Measurement capabilities that would be enabled by XBRL with the VDOT as the original open data model..

The genesis of the project is actually the Virginia DOT dashboard, where construction project information was made available online.

The surety industry provides credit to contractors and in almost all cases does not know how the construction projects they bonding are doing.  Without the ability to monitor job progress the surety industry is denied the opportunity to better support those that are performing well, and subject to preventable losses had they know a project had indications of a problem.

In California Caltrans publishes project information as well:

In 2004 we started a project at California State University Chico with The Associated General Contractors of America to demonstrate how easy access to the “open data” enabled a simple dashboard that pulled open data from both VDOT and Caltrans and provided surety companies with timely and accurate project progress information to improve access to surety credit.

Project Status Connection: www.projectstatusconnection.com

The user can login to view all records (view / all), or filtered for each surety (travelers / travelers) or (liberty / liberty).  The project owner is on the left, the limited key data in the middle and a link to the full data on the right.  The projects are sorted according to risk factors like stop notices, liquidated damages and time delays.  The project information can be exported from the dashboard to be imported by the surety, resulting in interoperability between VDOT, Caltrans and the surety industry.

The project at CSU Chico demonstrates the profound impact open data can have on everyday businesses that want to participate in public works, as performance measurement and predictive analytics significantly improves the ability of the surety industry to offer products and services that better manage contractor default risk for all stakeholders.  By decreasing risk any project becomes more “bankable”.

The XBRL-CET working group shared that risk management capability with the Department of Energy as part of the Data by Design contest.

Caltrans is building an interchange to serve the business park and surrounding area.

Tracy Gateway Business Park was an early supporter of the AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico.

Tracy Gateway was the pilot project for the 2012 XBRL Challenge where the Performance Dashboard was introduced.

tracy gateway business park

Lammers Road Interchange