XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

2000 AGC/ CFMA Construction Financial Management Conference

Las Vegas

     Technologies Impact on Surety

2003 AGC National Convention

Honolulu, Hawaii

     Best in Technology (BITS) Competition

          Bid List Connection - Cal Custom Construction

November 9, 2012
MTC Business Outreach Committee

     Surety Connection Project

2012 AGC Public Works Night

Pleasanton, California 

     agcXML Workshop & Technical Session

2013 AGC National Convention

Palm Desert, California

     Data Exchange and Interoperability - Trends and Directions in Construction

2013 XBRL National Convention

Las Vegas

   Beyond Corporate Financials

2013 Smart Grid Interoperability Panel National Convention

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

     AGC Surety Connection

          Why the energy industry should expand its effort to develop interoperability to the financial services sector

2014 Smart Grid Interoperability Panel National Convention
Nashville, Tennessee

     Using Power Grid Open Data Initiatives
          Moderated by David Wollman, NIST

2014 SGIP Spring Meeting

Denver, Colrado

     Roundtable Discussion: The Next Green Button Data Set  

2014 XBRL National Convention

Bellevue, Washington

     Building the Construction Energy Transportation Taxonomy

     XBRL-CET Working Group Meeting - Construction Energy Transportation

2014 SGIP Winter Meeting

Portland, Oregon

     PAP25 Harmonized Data

2015 Solar Plaza

March 17, 2015

San Francisco

     Claim Management in the Operational Phase

     Video Link to full presentation

US Department of Energy

April 24, 2015

     Small Business and Big Energy

     Video Link to Introduction

US Department of Treasury

June 11, 2015

     Helping Public Agencies and Private Stakeholders Throughout the Supply Chain Comply with the DATA Act with Engagement and Collaboration ​to Promote Open Standards and Innovation

2015 InterSolar

July 14, 2015

San Francisco

     PV Power Plants: Quality Ensures Performance

     Bankability Requirements and Challenges to Non-recourse Financing for PV 


August 26, 2015

2015 Renewable Asset Management 2015

October 6 & 7

Carlsbad, California

    Maximizing Long-Term Asset Profitability and Performance in Project Design and Construction/Installation


    Streamlining Data Communications with Common Languages and Taxonomies

    Video Link to Presentation

O&M 2015

October 7 & 8

Carlsbad, California

     Best Practices and Developing Standards in Solar PV O&M

     Next Generation Monitoring, Data Analytics and Reporting

Re-tasking SGIP PAP25 Conference Call and Webinar

October 9th

Entire recorded session

Session 1                :30       Overview of SB-Data and Data Interoperability
WAV File                              SB Data Respondents

MP4 File                                                           

Session 2             1:15        Cybersecurity and SB-Data
WAV File                              Alfred Berkeley, General Alexander (ret),  Matt Olsen
MP4 File

Session 3             1:00        Data Standards – XBRL and FIBO
WAV File                              Michele Savage, David Newman, Dennis Wisnosky

MP4 File

XBRL Working Group - Past Meetings