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data Interoperability Collaboration 

XBRL Extension for Construction, Energy and Transportation  

XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 are two related volunteer efforts to promote data interoperability based on open data standards to assure free and easy access to stakeholders from multiple industries to exchange data confident data field definitions are internationally consistent for accurate and reliable processing for the express purpose of enabling data analytics as a foundation for innovation.

Innovation that will generate increased efficiency through standardized data metrics, resulting in industry recognized quantification and benchmark assessment for performance, reduced operational administration expense for all stakeholders with improved underwriting information for financial markets to develop competitive products and services.

Achieving reliable widely adopted data interoperability is not a technology challenge, it is a consensus challenge where there are many stakeholders with competing interests, and commercial applications that seek to monetize transactions.

The objective of XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 is to remove the monetization of data exchange as a barrier so that stakeholder’s access and use of data is not constrained, and the focus is on the development of ways to utilize the data instead of finding ways of controlling the data exchange process. 

Enabling simple B2B data exchange between stakeholders will foster the development of innovative ways to process information and to create data analytics capabilities where value is created by virtue of what is done with the data, instead of exchanging the data itself.

Creating the environment for innovation, and the foundation to support development of data analytics capabilities for established entities as well as for new FinTech startups, cannot be undertaken by a commercial venture.  It requires a volunteer effort in collaboration with industry trade associations, government initiatives and utilization of universities for its research and educational platforms.

XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 reflect a group of volunteer collaborators and stakeholders that seek to advance the objective of free and reliable data exchange in the broad area of construction of energy and transportation related activities.  Stakeholders participate for the purpose of leveraging the resulting standards to establish competitive internal systems, create commercial third party applications, with as representatives from government to advance specific initiatives, and some participate to advance public goals such as helping small business or veteran owned businesses.

XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 offers its knowledgebase, and relationships with other stakeholders, individuals, private entities and public agencies to facilitate awareness of activity with respect to data standards efforts, and to engage to the extent possible to connect various stakeholders so that common interests can be aligned, and separate individual efforts can break free of the silo approach and coalesce around mutually beneficial strategies regardless of niche that result in broadly adopted standards across multiple industries.

XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 collaborators participate without compensation in a various industry and trade association efforts, is engaged in specific government grants and funding opportunities associated with data interoperability, and seeks to engage in as many activities as possible to promote awareness of the existence and potential of existing open data standards, particularly XBRL, FIBO and IEC, with the objective of having many different stakeholders utilize those standards instead of creating competing standards, or standards that are limited to specific industries as a silo for expediency when a wider audience is achievable with little extra effort.

All engagements by XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 are under a zero cost structure, where the volunteer commitment is limited to providing a knowledgebase, contribute the ability to coordinate various industry experts, facilitate collaboration, act a liaison to other efforts, and to provide introductions and connections as appropriate. 

Should any collaborator enter into a financial relationship it would be independent and separate.

Current Draft Memorandum of Understanding

​​California State University Chico

2004 12-06 Memorandum of Understanding NCSC- NCST - CSU Chico

Associated General Contractors of America - California Chapter

2011 05-08 Draft Memorandum of Understanding - AGC-SRC - Collaboration Outline